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A Steering Group met on a number of occasions in late 2018 to explore and discuss opportunities before setting our mission to: inspire and enable Hurunui’s landowners/kaitiaki/custodians and the wider community to understand, value and enhance our district’s varied biodiversity, with particular focus on indigenous biodiversity



Kia ora, welcome. 

We hope you will join us to achieve our vision for the Hurunui region of North Canterbury: from the mountains to the sea, a thriving mosaic of biodiversity enriching our community

Encouraged by positive feedback following our early events, in 2020 we established the Hurunui Biodiversity Trust to promote these key messages:

  • for everyone to share in understanding and valuing the full spectrum of Hurunui's biodiversity.

  • restoring, enhancing and protecting biodiversity requires active management and everyone can help

  • to achieve successful biodiversity outcomes landowners/kaitiaki/custodians need to be supported, motivated and empowered.