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Trust Deed

Charitable Purposes

 5.1 The charitable purposes of the Trust shall be:

  1. To support and encourage landowners and other custodians of Hurunui’s natural resources to conserve, enhance and sustainably manage the indigenous biodiversity of Hurunui; and

  2. To facilitate and promote the sharing of information and raise awareness within the wider community about sustainable management and biodiversity matters relevant to Hurunui; and

  3. To organise or facilitate workshops and educational opportunities to support sustainable management of natural resources and biodiversity in Hurunui; and

  4. To create alliances and build ongoing relationships with groups pursuing similar objectives, including those engaged in supporting biodiversity on public land; and

  5. To help initiate and foster collaborative strategies that will optimise the long-term viability of biodiversity-related activities in Hurunui; and

  6. To contribute to research into the status and quality of the environment of Hurunui; and

  7. To contribute as appropriate to inventories of ecological sites and biodiversity initiatives and opportunities in Hurunui; and

  8. To promote best-practice examples of sustainable management of bio-diversity and conservation practice; and

  9. To build and manage relationships and seek the support and involvement of appropriate organisations and agencies in allowing these Charitable Objects; and

  10. To source and allocate funds for projects which support these Charitable Objects; and

  11. To undertake similar or corresponding purposes within Hurunui.

5.2 Without detracting from the charitable purposes of the Trust set out in clause 5.1, the trustees shall operate and administer the Trust in accordance with the following fundamental principles:

a. the Trust shall operate independently and free from the influence of business, religious, governmental and local governmental organisations and interests;

b. the Trust shall be a-political;

c. founders or contributors to the Trust shall not be permitted to directly influence the Trust or its operations by virtue of the provisions of such funding or contributions;

d. without limiting clause 5.2c above, the Trust shall operate inclusively and without discrimination against any particular section of the Hurunui community;

e. the Trust's activities shall be informed by research and insight in all decision making;

f.  the Trust's activities shall be carried out in a manner which is forward looking, long term and strategic in seeking to achieve its charitable purposes.

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